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Media Library

The media library on this site contains links to a growing number of images of memorials and other relevant sites and people. You can access the media library directly from the Edit menu on the “Build a Soldier’s Page”.


Many of the websites listed below can be accessed directly from the relevant Research tab on “Build a Soldier’s Page”. Help tips for using them are also available via the Research tab.

Images relating to individual Soldiers

Auckland Library Heritage Images Auckland Libraries have an excellent collection of soldier portraits from the Auckland Weekly News. Cenotaph Database Auckland Museum’s cenotaph database is a great place to start for basic information about soldiers and nurses. Many pages on the database also have photographs.

Images of Memorials in New Zealand

New Zealand History Online Image search (best option) New Zealand History Online Memorial search These sites have good (if somewhat small) images of memorials and monuments, arranged on a handy map. We also have larger images of a number of Waikato memorials on the site’s own Media Library.

Names on Memorials in New Zealand

New Zealand War Memorials and Rolls of Honour by Location A very useful site with lists of names from many memorials in the region. 100 New Zealand World War One Memorials A blog with photos of many New Zealand war memorials and stories of selected soldiers commemorated there.

Images and Information about Overseas Graves and Cemeteries

Commonwealth War Graves Commission The Commonwealth War Graves Commission database contains information about the resting place or overseas memorial for every New Zealand (and other Commonwealth) soldier who died as a result of WW1 and is buried overseas. The site also has photographs and plans of many of the grave sites. This site has pictures of many individual graves of fallen soldiers.

General Historical Images

New Zealand History Online Image search Auckland War Memorial Museum Library Catalogue – Te Pataka Matapuna Te Puna Mātauranga o Aotearoa National library of New Zealand Digital NZ Matapihi

Military Records

Archives NZ – Archway The military records of all NZ soldiers and nurses who served in WW1 are scanned and held on the Archives NZ site, Archway. In addition to military information the soldier records also contain quite a lot of information about the individual: eye colour, height, weight etc.

Personal Stories

Papers Past Papers Past is the National Library’s scanned collection of newspaper stories. It contains many casualty lists and In Memoriam notices for New Zealand soldiers during WW1. contains good information about family links and personal stories for some soldiers. It is a subscription-based site but you are able to view some information without subscribing yourself.

General Historical Information

First World NZHistory subsite built to commemorate the centenary of the First World War.

Detailed Historical Information

New Zealand Electronic Text Collection This website has online copies of the original four-volume Official History of New Zealand’s Effort in the Great War and most of the NZEF unit histories published in the 1920s and 1930s.

Useful information about nurses available at the NZANS website.

Interesting information about the New Zealand Mounted Rifles available here.



Waikato and WW1 Waikato Troopers, Richard Stowers Waikato Troopers records the history of cavalry and mounted rifles in the Waikato from 1860 through to the present day. Between the Rivers, Waipa District Council (available online at New Zealand and WW1 The Devil’s Own War: The First World War Diary of Brigadier-General Herbert Hart, John Crawford (ed.), 2nd edition, Exisle Publishing, Auckland, 2009 New Zealand’s Great War: New Zealand, the Allies and the First World War, John Crawford and Ian McGibbon (eds), Exisle Publishing, Auckland, 2007 New Zealand and the First World War 1914-1919, Damien Fenton, with Caroline Lord, Gavin McLean and Tim Shoebridge, Penguin Books, Auckland, 2013 Dark Journey: Three Key New Zealand Battles of the Western Front, Glyn Harper, HarperCollins, Auckland, 2007 Images of War. New Zealand and the First World War in Photographs, Glyn Harper, and the National Army Museum, HarperCollins Auckland, 2013 Letters from Gallipoli: New Zealand Soldiers Write Home, Glyn Harper (ed.), Auckland University Press, Auckland, 2011 The Devil’s Horsemen: In the Words of the Anzacs in the Middle East 1916–19, Terry Kinloch, Exisle, Auckland, 2007 Honours and Awards to the New Zealand Expeditionary Force in the Great War 1914-1918, Wayne McDonald The Oxford Companion to New Zealand Military History, Ian McGibbon (ed.), Oxford University Press, Auckland, 2000 The White Ships: New Zealand’s First World War Hospital Ships, Gavin McLean, New Zealand Ship & Marine Society, Wellington, 2013 The Great Adventure Ends: New Zealand and France on the Western Front, Philippe, N., Pugsley, C., Crawford, J., Strohn, M. (2013) Gallipoli: The New Zealand Story, Christopher Pugsley, Penguin, Auckland, reprinted 2008 The ANZAC Experience: New Zealand, Australia and Empire in the First World War, Christopher Pugsley, Reed, Auckland, 2004 The New Zealand Expeditionary Force in World War I, Wayne Stack and Barry O’Sullivan, Men-at-Arms No. 473, Osprey Publishing, Oxford (UK), 2012 Bloody Gallipoli, Richard Stowers, Bateman, 2005 An Awfully Big Adventure: New Zealand World War One Veterans Tell their Stories, Jane Tolerton, Penguin Books, Auckland, 2013 Ettie: A Life of Ettie Rout, Jane Tolerton, Penguin, Auckland, 1992 The Forgotten General: New Zealand’s World War I Commander, Major-General Sir Andrew Russell, Jock Vennell, Allen & Unwin, Auckland, 2011